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Hi there!

I’m Elisabetta Marie Umali, but my friends call me Elis (a nickname my elementary best friend randomly gave me) and I’m hoping to be your friend (given the fact that you spent a minute or few to visit my blog), so you can call me ‘Elis’ as well! On the other hand, my given name is just an Italian variation of Elizabeth plus Marie as an almost mandatory second name because I belong to Generation Z. Ha ha! That’s a fact that almost 90% of the people I know, didn’t know about me! So you have to be glad that you belong to the ten percent. Ha ha! Kidding. I’m a lady in her teen years, an accounting student by nature but a writer by heart. I’m a proud Caviteña but currently residing at Manila, yeah, away from my family and I’d say that this was one of my toughest decisions ever! I don’t know how to mop, to iron my clothes, to do the laundry and to cook. (I’m so much thankful for our rice cooker and to the store beside our unit for their siomai rice because I survived my first two years because of those. Ha ha!) I love purple! Except for clothes because you’d usually see me wearing monochrome. And at this moment, I only have one purple shirt on my closet! (How ironic is that!) I love dogs! They are stress-relievers. (For real!) Books captured my heart but accounting happened to me so the ‘bookworm’ in me was paused. Ha ha! I’m one of those who enjoy long walks either alone or with others. (Biking is the best substitute for this!) And if you just noticed, I have this habit of typing ‘ha ha’ when I’m really happy or laughing, and exclamation points when I’m really excited or writing a happy or funny thought. (I’m apologizing in advance! Ha ha) I like to really really really really talk about things (just random but sensible things). I rarely start a virtual conversation just for fun. I prefer to talk to people over social media when it’s just needed. But I’m also the one who shares even the simplest and unimportant thing that happened to me when we’re talking face-to-face. (I can be your talkative and funny friend, if you want!)

Enough for the random stuff about me. I just don’t know what to write about me. Ha ha! Just so you know, four years ago, I started this blog to express my feelings. To write what I cannot express on Facebook or Twitter. To rant on the happenings in my life. Negatively purposeful. But now, after having an encounter with Him, I saw an opportunity that this can also be an avenue to share what I know (and what I want to know) when in comes to my relationship with God in addition to my testimonies and changed stories. I’d also share my journey as a disciple and as a youth leader! (Can you feel my excitement? Ha ha!) After all, I am the person who often reacts like this when I’m experiencing a wonderful situation: “This is so awesome, I’m going to write about this!” or like this when I’m a bit miserable: “Ugh. I don’t know what to feel. I want to ‘blog’ my heart out.” So dear friend, you have to expect that what I wrote and what I’m writing (you have to know that I’ve got a loaded drafts section! Ha ha) have these two things as common denominators; memories and lessons. And as you browse this blog, I’m hoping that you’ll be filled with the latter, or if not, even the share in my experiences.

Hope to hear from you, too. God bless your heart!

P.S.: I re-published some posts on private because I’m making revisions. As I mentioned earlier, the purpose of this blog shifted from sharing the worldly me, to putting in words the journey of a disciple. (Honestly, this is so hard to do so please bear with me, ha ha!)


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