Summer WildSONs: Your Weekly Youth Party this Summer!

Quite bored at home and currently having your staycation? Or currently having your summer classes and finding a way to escape all those school-related stuff? There’s something cool in town that will eventually turn your ordinary summer into an awesome one! The youth party I’m talking about is WildSONs (Wild Seeds of the Nation), and it’s even more special because it’s summer!

If you are currently a high school or college student, you probably heard of WildSONs Youth Party. Students from different campuses tend to gather at Cinema 5, Isetann Cinerama Complex, Recto during Fridays at 4PM. Some of these universities are PUP, TUP, UP, CEU, TIP, AdU, PNU, EARIST and PLM. Some high school students from Jose Abad Santos High School, Torres High School and Araullo High School are also joining the latest campus craze!

College students nowadays have this curiosity in party-life (clubbing, going to night parties, and drinking alcohols). That’s why Summer WildSONs made it more familiar to students, creating an atmosphere of party that is suitable for youth.

But, what is it in WildSONs that even it’s summer, students still gather to this event? Here’s a snapshot of it.

Fellowship with other Students

In the 2-hour duration of the Summer WildSONs Party, you will be given time to meet other students, to compete with them in games, or just to introduce yourself to them. Fellowship is important because through this you will be able to praise and worship the Lord and experience God’s word with people who have also the same interests as yours. Interacting with such people will probably lead to a better spiritual community. Who knows, maybe after you had fellowship, you already met your buddy for life!

Undignified Praise and Worship

Praise and worship has the power of setting the hearts of people on the right mood before hearing the Word and it’s a great offering we can give to Him by just spending time in acknowledging His presence. This is one of the highlights of the service because this is where you shout your heart out through singing and dancing. And this is the time you will see youth jamming with the band, dancing to every beat, and slamming with each other! Yes, it truly became an avenue of expressing yourself in praise and worship that’s why it’s a normal scene to see students getting wild and letting out undignified shouts of praises.

Word and Altar Call

Hearing the Word is definitely the climax of the event wherein the students listen to words of encouragements and lessons from speakers, which are all founded from the Bible. Such topics are not limited to your spiritual life but are also functional in your studies, family, and personal life. In here, students will be able to reflect and evaluate their lives and are being challenged to take on their next level on faith. That’s why before the speaker ends his preaching, he will call the first timers or the so-called VIPs, and encourage them to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, and make Him their Lord and Savior. Once they surrendered their lives to Him, they will be welcomed by the regular attendees to feel that they have a spiritual family behind them.

Victory and Thanksgiving

Before the service ends, there’s a victory song that shows the victory of Christ over our lives and the thanksgiving because of the Word that blessed the students. Here you will see the wildest youth, singing and dancing like no other! And addition to the fun is the new theme every week like Neon Party, Summer Rave, Black Out Party, Night of Colors, and many more. These themes show variety of ways to celebrate God’s glory, maximizing the creativity from LED lights to colorful paints and buckets of water!

Since it is summer, majority of students are in vacation and maybe their spiritual life, too. That’s why Summer WildSONs cater the needs of students for fun and at the same time, nourishing their spirituality. In WildSONs, you will feel the hype of a party while it empowers and uplifts your spirit!

Now, who will say that being a Christian makes a student boring?


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